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Save Water.  Save Energy.  Do a Better Job of Irrigating.

Whether you need a few sprinkler heads or a complete computerized sprinkler package for your center pivot, Isaacs can provide you with experience, fast service and competitive prices.

NELSON 3000 Series Sprinklers

R3000 Pivot Rotator
Greater throw radius than a fixed spray head. Larger coverage area, lower application rate for reduced runoff and longer soak time. More sprinkler overlap to improve uniformity.
S3000 Pivot Spinner
Gentle, rain-like droplets. Ideal for sensitive soils and crops. Low pressure operation. Good wind-fighting capability. Excellent uniformity.


D3000 Pivot Spray Head
Crop guarded body for low energy "down in the crop" operation. Flip-over dual spray cap and spray plate options for germination, irrigation or chemigation.
HD3000 Hose Drag Adapter
For Low Energy Precision Application (LEPA). 3/4" adapter to apply a hose or
drag sock on any 3000 series sprinkler.
Also Available...
NELSON Pressure Regulators
Low Angle Impact Sprinklers
Flow Control Nozzles
Sprinkler Accessories
Isaacs can furnish a complete line of pivot sprinkler accessories including watches boom backs, drop tubes, hose drops, brackets, weights, triple end booms and more.


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